Montessori activities for toddlers are designed to help children become self-sufficient and appeal to their natural development. Instead of holding the child’s hand through an activity, Montessori activities for toddlers  focus on learning by doing. An example of this is letting your child pour water into a cup, and having them wipe up any spills. Having a child sort and match items by color or similarities is also an example. In this way, not only are children learning by doing, they also get a sense of accomplishment. In this article, a few examples of Montessori activities for toddlers will be given.

Matching and Sorting

This activity is simple to set up and can be done with many things you can find around the house. If your child has a small car collection, you can have them sort by color. When doing laundry, you can have your toddler sort socks by size and color.

Another easy activity in this category is with silverware. Break out your utensils and have your toddler sort them by likeness. Obviously, do not leave your child alone with the silverware.

There are many items that you can come up with at home for use in sorting and matching. I hope these examples gave you a few ideas for Montessori activities for toddlers.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Just like the previous section, this is another category that can easily be done with things around the house. Show your toddler how to lace shoes, then let them attempt it. Working the laces through the holes helps with their motor skills. It’s probably a good idea to use a pair of shoes that aren’t used often. Dad’s old work boots are probably not a good idea.

As terrifying as it may sound, letting your toddler pour liquids from one container to another is another good activity to help develop fine motor skills. If there are any spills, have them wipe it up. Unless you are feeling brave, I would recommend water.

montessori activities for toddlers

The last activity I will touch on in this category is transferring. Put small items such as beans in one container, and have your child transfer them to another container using a spoon. For small items, it is probably best that this is supervised.


This is another easy category on the list ofMontessori activities for toddlers. By helping you around the house, your child will feel useful and have a sense of accomplishment. A few simple items that a toddler can help with may be sorting laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning or setting the table. The list here is endless. When I come home from work, my two year old demands that he be able to put my shoes away for me. By appealing to your child’s helpful nature, Montessori activities for toddlers become easy.


Montessori activities for toddlers also include items such as having the child brush their own hair. You can also have them dress themselves and put their own shoes on. This is part of the whole “self-sufficient” thing. Also included are brushing teeth, washing hands, zipping zippers, and snapping buttons. Not only does this contribute to their development, this takes a few items out of your busy day if your toddler learns to do these items by themselves.

I hope that you got some use out of this article about Montessori activities for toddlers. These ideas can be built upon with anything you can imagine.